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Swearing is okay. Swearing at someone is not.

Just an example.

Who I Am and Why This Matter's

Why It Matter's: We have all been judged for something another did not understand. For some of us this happens much more often and is in fact their reality.

Why It Matter's to Me: I will attempt to keep this concise. . .

My introduction to misunderstanding and judgment came early and often.

My brother has Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome, a severe case and not far differing from down syndrome and autism. I've spent my life defending and advocating for him and others that literally don't have a voice.

My Grammy, really my mom, had numerous unrelenting bouts' of cancer and it took her very young when I was 10. I was in 5th grade and still remember some of the kids who called her a "bald headed monkey". I also remember the kids who obviously had been going through their own battles.

My Grandfather, my hero. He had the trifecta of killers. Heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease. We lost him not long ago and I opened this store on his Birthday.

My son is a high functioning autistic and has Crohn's disease. I fear so much for his battle and the misunderstanding he will endure.

My motivation is this and so much more but that'll have to be for another time.

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